phoenix feng shui sign
phoenix feng shui sign

An ancient legend says that the Chinese Phoenix descended from the skies to the ground. People considered this a good sign. It meant that there was peace and peace in heaven. The bird always symbolizes prosperity and prosperity. In Chinese myths, legends and fairy tales, you can find many references to Phoenix.

In China, as in the whole world, the phoenix is known for its immortality.

Talisman in Feng Shui
Due to the fact that Phoenix in Chinese mythology appears strong and energetic, Feng Shui uses a talisman in the form of this creature for a variety of purposes. It is a symbol of sunlight, summer, heat and fire. If you apply it in combination with a dragon, together they give a perfect union, which enhances the energy of both.

The mascot is usually red or fiery in color. It is able to give happiness, victory in any endeavor, wisdom, prosperity and provide substantial assistance. Chinese Phoenix helps creative people to fully discover their potential and contribute to the fulfillment of desires. Can help and childless couples know the happiness of the birth of a baby.

For the correct operation of the talisman, it must be placed in the southern sector of the Fire. Next to it, you can not be in other objects, because the bird needs more freedom so that it can spread its wings. Other things serve as obstacles to “take-off”.

Bird Phoenix is the protector of the house
The talisman is able to protect the house from dangers, to awaken the intuition of the household, to make them more far-sighted and prudent. Under the influence of this bird you will feel a desire to go forward and achieve your goals.