feng shui home montreal

Ancient feng shui system was used by emperors for ambitious purposes to achieve the best results in military strategy, finance, health, relations and personal luck.


feng shui for career
  • Improvement of material wealth

  • Successful career

  • Good luck in business and endeavors

feng shui for relations and love
  • Family happiness

  • Attracting Love

  • Relations with children and relatives

feng shui for home choice
  • Protecting your home from negative influences

  • Choosing a rich, successful home when buying

  • The right place to work at home


feng shui home montreal


Our first acquaintance with you and your house includes a general analysis of your housing (home or apartment). Analysis of its residents will help us understand the compatibility of the house and its occupants, learn the main strengths and weaknesses of this compatibility. And of course, get clear instructions and recommendations to improve your space with Feng Shui to achieve your goals and ambitions.


  • BAZI Analysis of the relationship between home and man. What is given? What’s happened? What is happening at the moment?

  • House visit, analysis of the home and its environment

  • Feng Shui audit of the house and internal space adjustment

  • 1 Month support (main aspects activation)


bazi analysis feng shui home

Personal analysis of BaZi for better understanding personal qualities, inclinations and opportunities in the professional sphere, relations with relatives, health conditions and possible problems in different spheres of life

A complete analysis of your home by a Feng Shui specialist on site. Calculation of special places in main directions: family and relationships, wealth, travel, health, career and much more

feng shui choosing good dates

Choosing favorable dates for important changes in your life: moving, changing jobs, small and more global changes. Feng Shui has answers to various questions and changes.

feng shui workshop montreal

Training seminars on the independent analysis of the feng shui of your home. I am pleased that many of my clients using my services are so immersed in the process that they also want to learn to understand more in these techniques. Therefore, sometimes I have prepared seminars to satisfy your “inquiring minds”.

wealth vase atelie workshop montreal

In the practical technique of Feng Shui, there are many small but effective methods for implementing the planned plans with which you can cope on your own. I suggest that you visit my master classes in order to master these opportunities. At your service are master classes on making a vase of wealth, wish cards. Follow the schedule.

feng shui services for home construction and energy

I’m happy to solve your various specific issues and problems with the help of Feng Shui. Successful planning of constraction or buying a house, cleaning the house from negative energies and other issues, at your service my knowledge, experience, time and energy.